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About Us

Fusion Online Academy was designed to meet the ever-changing needs of families who find themselves in a unique and challenging new reality.  This live, online program connects students around the world with experienced instructors who offer classes that supplement courses at home or fine-tune students’ understanding and development in core classes. Students can receive help in certain subject areas or learn a new hobby!  Small classes of 12 students or fewer encourage interaction and collaboration.

How It Works

Class registration is quick and easy!  Browse our extensive class offerings, sort by subject or age range, add as many classes as you would like, and check out!  You never pay additional registration or administrative fees.  The instructor for each class will email a Zoom link and any materials needed 2 days before the class begins.

Frequently Asked Questions


How much do classes Cost?

Class prices vary and are determined by the instructor.  Classes start at $10!


Are there any hidden fees?

No!  You only pay the price listed per class.


Do you meet in-person or online?

Classes at Fusion Online Academy are 100% online.


What platform is used for classes?

Classes are held via Zoom.  Instructors have been safety trained and all families must agree to online etiquette rules.


What type of device can I use?

Any device that can run Zoom will work.  Some classes may recommend using a computer or a second device.  The instructor will communicate these needs to you prior to class.


How many students are in each class?

Class limits vary, but are never higher than 12.  Some classes are much smaller, based on the nature of the class.  Size limits are listed on each class page.


How often are new classes added?

New classes are added each month!  Check back frequently to see our new classes!


What if I have 2 children interested in taking the same class?

Each student will need to register for the class and participate on his/her own device.


What happens if the Zoom connection is glitchy?

Exit the class and click the link to rejoin.

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